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Alaska Rare Vascular Plant Field Guide

The Alaska Rare Plant Field guide provides information on the taxonomy, conservation status, distribution, morphology, and ecology of 80 rare vascular plant species of Alaska. Funding for the Alaska Rare Plant Field Guide was provided by the Bureau of Land Management and the University of Alaska Anchorage. The current version of the guide is an update of the 1997 Alaska Rare Plant Field Guide by Robert Lipkin and David F. Murray. This guide is intended as an aid to the discovery of additional rare plant populations and the conservation of known rare plant populations. The species accounts are also available through the Alaska Rare Vascular Plant Database.

The species accounts or the Alaska Rare Plant Field Guide can be cited as:
Nawrocki, T.W., J.R. Fulkerson, and M.L. Carlson. 2013. Alaska Rare Plant Field Guide. Alaska Natural Heritage Program, University of Alaska Anchorage. 352 pp.

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