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Dolly Varden Resident Habitat in Interior Alaska

Resident Dolly Varden habitats were modeled for the entire study area. Dolly Varden generally mature at five to nine years of age and can spawn multiple times throughout their lifetimes. Tagging studies have shown that anadromous Dolly Varden maintain a strong fidelity to overwintering and spawning areas and that spawning typically occurs in overwintering areas. However, some Dolly Varden may overwinter in areas not connected to their natal streams. Dolly Varden use habitats associated with discharging groundwater for spawning, rearing, and overwintering. Peak spawning occurs in September and October, usually in headwater streams in the study area. Females lay eggs in small nests dug into gravel streambeds. Hatching of eggs generally occurs in March, and juvenile fish emerge from the gravel in late spring. Juvenile Dolly Varden rear in streams, rivers, and/or lakes for a few years, after which time individuals from anadromous populations may migrate to nearshore coastal. Dolly Varden consume aquatic macroinvertebrates, salmon eggs and fry, and other small fishes. Juveniles feed primarily on macroinvertebrates.

Dolly varden resident habitat in Interior Alaska

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