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North Slope Cumulative Impacts

This Cumulative Impacts analysis provides a comprehensive measure of potential impacts to ecoregions by summarizing potential impacts (generalized to the 5th-level HUC) and includes primary, measurable variables that are likely to have the largest and most direct impact in the North Slope in the future. In order to “sum” the impacts, thresholds for meaningful change were defined for each variable. Cumulative Impacts are not specific to any ecosystem constituent or process but are intended to be representative of the ecosystem as a whole, so thresholds for meaningful change are based on model variability and the potential to impact management decisions. This dataset does not assess the likely collinearity of change agents, but rather considers each change agent as a separate stressor that will differentially impact resources in the area. The inverse of this dataset could be seen as a landscape vulnerability index (LVI) that could be used to assist in future resource planning efforts.

Cumulative impact assessment summarized at the 5th-level hydrologic unit

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